About us

rural nova scotia is a home on the Internet. We’re a place to explore, discover and chat with people you love across restaurants, news, pop culture and commerce. We are committed to making it better – providing trusted quality brand-safe news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people; making content on the Internet more inclusive empathetic creative; and inspiring our audience to live better lives.

Whether you’re obsessed with Harry Potter and need to stock up on sweets, or you’re a vegan looking at life through kale-coloured glasses, rural nova scotia has some kind of Internet for you. We cook up all the best news, trends, and stuff to buy, so you can stay in the know about pop culture that’s good for your soul.

What makes an Internet brand? Curiosity. Optimism. Taking risks and being bold. We’re fascinated by the future, and we believe that it belongs to everyone. So, we create content for the full human experience — across food, news, pop culture and commerce — where every voice is heard. The result is a better Internet for everyone: one that’s more inclusive and empathetic; one that’s smarter and more creative; one that makes you want to live better lives.