Garden Hose Storage – How To Keep Your Garden Hose Off The Ground

Garden Hose Storage – How To Keep Your Garden Hose Off The Ground

If you are a homeowner with a yard, you most likely have a garden hose lying somewhere in the lawn like a snake waiting to strike.

If you are like me, you have attempted or inherited various garden hose storage procedures. My house came with two very unattractive hose holders screwed to the front and back of the home. I mean it when I state they were dreadful. It may not have been so awful if some effort had been made to hide them from your plants or bushes around the house. However, no, they stood out proudly over all around them. Alright, I’ll admit they bothered me to eliminate them and let my backyard hose spiral on the ground. Sadly, that has been an improvement!

Previously I have also tried those wheeled contraptions that let you unwind and wind up the hose like you’re reeling in a fish. My pleasure was short-lived, though, since the hose kept getting tangled up somehow. I stopped using it once I realized I was spending more time” managing” the nozzle compared to using it.

Today, my two favorite storage approaches would be the nozzle holder which attaches to my home, and the backyard hose kettle that I can depart in a handy place. You might think I would have averted the mounted garden hose holder after my prior horror narrative. However, my horror was led toward the visual appeal of the ones that came with my home, not the overall idea. Because most outdoor water faucets are attached to a residence, it is logical to own your hose nearby. You have to admit an attractive hose holder, such as a Victorian-themed one, can make a major difference! There are many styles available today and you can choose hose holders that best fit with your home and garden decor theme.

The garden hose kettle sits on the ground, so you can easily put it near a bush that could partially hide it if you prefer. However, if you choose one that goes well with your garden decor there is little need to hide it. There are lots of hose pots available, but make sure you choose one which satisfies your needs as well as your backyard decoration. A garden hose pot should have a solid center post to maintain the hose properly coiled and a large enough hole in the base to run the hose through for simple attachment to the tap. This allows you to set the hose kettle farther away from the faucet and closer to the area where you can use it. Don’t overlook that the run of hose in the hose pot to the faucet will be visible unless you can hide it with surrounding plants. Make sure that any garden hose kettle you’re considering can easily hold the entire length of your garden hose. An overfilled hose pot is not going to be adding to a curb appeal or your advantage when seeking to store your garden hose.

Among the issues that come up with using a garden hose is where to place it. A lot of individuals just have them lay on the ground, but the remedy is something much easier and better. Get a garden hose holder to keep it on.

Not just with a garden hose holder keep your hose neatly wrapped, but these holders are available in many distinct styles and materials. As an example, it is possible to find a hose holder in wrought iron that’s decorated in lavish detail that adds a special touch to any lawn. These kinds of garden hose holders make an impression about your house’s landscape and set them apart from a normal plastic holder.

For an added touch you can also find one which is adorned with your household initial.

How do you find these top quality garden hose holders? The Internet is the perfect place to start any search. You’ll find numerous companies that offer all types of holders for almost any style and length of garden hose. Prices can vary from under $50 to as much as $500 or more depending on the style and variety of materials used. You can use a water hose holder just to be more organized.

You might also find these holders at a few of the larger home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot, however, the online world is your best option for ones with added attributes and uniqueness.

Thus, before you simply lay that hose back on the floor, check out a garden hose holder that provides your yard or backyard that special signature. With a little searching, you can quickly find the only right one.

How many times have you about tripped over the water hose laying on the ground at your home? Thus, what are your options when it comes to garden hose storage? Here’s a fast appearance.

Garden Hose Reel
You can get all types and styles of reels to store your garden hose on. By the ones that are mounted on the side of your house to people that are on wheels and could be moved around. Costs for backyard hose reels can vary from a few bucks for a plastic version to over a 100 for an excellent reel.

Garden Hose Reel Cart
This kind of garden hose storage is very popular among homeowners. A reel cart may accommodate hoses around 250 feet and are portable. This makes transferring them much easier than other types of storage choices. Reel carts can operate from $25 up to $100 or even more based on construction.

Garden Hose Holder
A garden hose holder is mounted on the side of your property and gives an efficient, attractive alternative to other kinds of hose storage options. You can find holders made from wrought iron that add a little elegance to any landscape.

Irrespective of your selection, the garden hose is a significant part of maintaining your home looking neat and keeping it safe for everyone around. This website can help you with your hose problem.