How to Select a Suitable B2B Platform For Small and Medium Enterprises

It’s well known that nowadays more and more medium and small enterprises take part in the platform. But do you understand why they select a B2B platform? What exactly does the stage bring to them? How can they choose a suitable one? When selecting a platform what are the issues? That.

1. Why is a platform chosen by the enterprises? What are the advantages?

E-Commerce not only brings many new opportunities and challenges into the small and medium enterprises but also solves numerous issues and problems for them. Considering that the growing significance of data rivalry, medium and small businesses can compete from the large enterprises throughout the platform. Benefits and the effects are large as follows:

The B2B platform provides them the opportunity to connect in the global competition. It gives them opportunities to sell their goods all.

Second, the B2B platform enables them to timely react to the fluctuations in the international sector. Small and medium businesses can get a large amount of information about the market the platform simplifies the trade process and trade procedures. It simplifies the problem of distance that is geographic that is long and shortens the chain that is marketing to accelerate the development of small and medium enterprises. Thus, the enterprises can locate a method that is appropriate to accommodate the changes and properly. Know a calgary branding company today.

Third, small and medium enterprises can acquire high gains with lesser cost in the foreign trade activities through the B2B platform. The platform increases their efficiency. The enterprises can carry out all the operational processes online, for example, negotiating with clients, making orders, signing up contacts, booking charters and paying taxes etc.. Therefore the trade time shortens and makes the transaction a lot more convenient. In addition, it reduces their prices. With the cost of direction and system communication, medium and small enterprises can find data processing and the storage info, though.

2. How can small and medium businesses pick a B2B platform that is acceptable?

Considering that the B2B platform is beneficial to the small and medium businesses, how to pick an appropriate one becomes a pressing problem. In my opinion, the issue should be solved by the enterprises in these aspects. See: B2B Marketing Plan & Research | Calgary Business Development

The B2B platform ought to be both in Chinese and in English. Meanwhile, the English website should set information. Furthermore, the B2B website needs to have a development model which enables medium and small enterprises to prevent unnecessary problems, save money and put on a lot of profits. Introducing Integrated Marketing Plans | What is Marketing Strategy

Second, the B2B platform ought to be in mature condition at home and abroad. However, how can you judge its situation? I believe the point is the research engine technology, in that the customers pay much attention when they’re buying on the B2B websites. The advanced search engine technology makes so that they have a fantastic sense of satisfaction, the merchandise is searched by the clients more conveniently, correctly and rapidly. Almost all the people who mean to buy products online would like to enjoy their buying openly, as we know. So, will they be happy when they’re currently looking products at a search that is slow speed? Certainly not, rather, the impatient customers will give the website. In addition, the content of the website ought to be another respect that you’d better consider about. That is to assess whether the product description is specific or not, whether the firm introduction is dependable and whether the product has a good photo to show etc..

Third, the B2B platform ought to be strongly encouraged both at home and overseas. Besides of Canton Fair, the B2B websites should take part in some other foreign exhibitions such as China International Consumer Goods Fair, China Hi-Tech Fair, China-Asean Expo etc. which cannot only increase their profile overseas but also lay a solid base of overseas visits and accumulated information of global buyers.

Fourth, the B2B platform needs to have a reasonable pricing model. Require Alibaba as an example, it is famous, but the cost is also much higher than any B2B website. As a small and medium enterprise, economize on cost and the principle is to boost income. So, you ought to consider the cost performance of the entire B2B website. At present, ECVV introduces a new pricing model that’s paying for performance. It’s paid according to the inquiries obtained but not the support time like fee. You prepay a certain amount of money so you can look over a few information of the inquiries but not all the contents. And then whether to check through the information of the query is dependent on yourself. In case you decide to see the whole content of one inquiry, it will subtract 30RMB. Until you spend the money that is prepaid you can assess the inquiries. In accordance with the new sort of pricing model, you need to pay and you’re able to avoid the disturbance of the ones that are imitation.

Fifth, as soon as you select a B2B platform, don’t forget to persist to it. What you need to keep in your head is that you’re able to gain a great deal only if you stick to it by critically after the fundamentals of this B2B platform. And also your advertising in the B2B website tells the buyers which you’re growing in a steady rate in that area. Especially suffering the financial crisis and downtown, you should do such low-cost promotion on the internet to acquire the orders and maintain yourself.